Saturday, August 8, 2009

Subject for This Semester

Hello friends! Today I would like to tell you about my subject for this semester. For this semester, I took & subjects. The code of these subjects is CTU241, ECO211, QMT216, FIN262, BEL311, BAB101 and HSL115. Before this, I only took 6 subjects, so that this semester will be quite tough to me.

My first subject is Fundamental of Islamic Economics (CTU241). It is taught by Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. Beside teaching CTU, Ustaz Kamarulzaman is also our preacher of sermons in mosque during "solat Jumaat". He is very good in speech and I can understand this subject with his method of learning. Ustaz Kamarulzaman is a experienced lecturer in a CTU subject. This is my third semester learning CTU but with different codes and method of learning.

Secondly, I also took Macroeconomic (ECO211), which is the continuous subject for Microeconomics while I am in second semester. In this subject, I am learn about the more broad perspective in economics. My lecturer for this subject is Puan Zarina Denan. She is the caring lecturer for me. She taught us like she taught her own son or daughter.Her method of learning is also very good and I am easily understand to her.Sometimes, she can makes jokes and she is a funny guy.

Beside that, I am also taking Introduction to Statistic (QMT216). It is taught by Assoc. Prof. Ruhana Zainuddin. This subject is to provide students with an introductory survey of many applications of statistics. It is also will prepare students to do advanced statistical courses and to do subjects that are related to statistical technique. Besides taught about Statistic, Puan Ruhana always remembered their students about religiosity. She is very kind and gentle in his method of learning.

Next, is the most tough subject for this semester, that is Fundamental of Finance. This subject comes for 4 credit hours. This subject will expose and assists students with basic understanding of finance concepts and approaches to financial problem solving. This subject is very very broad and ever changing with time. My lecturer for this subject is is Miss Wan Asma Wan Mustapha. She is a kind person, and I can enjoy studying with her.

After that, I am taking English for Academic Purpose (BELL311). BEL is also the subject that I took since part 1 but with different codes and method of learning. In BEL 311, we are more focus on writing, whether an essay, term paper, an article and many others. My lecturer for this subject is Sir Izuan Ismail. At the beginning of our class, we are required to do the own blog by the instruction of Sir Izuan. By using this blog, we must complete our weekly assignment and show it on our blog. I think, this method of learning is very interesting.

For languages class, I choose Arabic language rather than Mandarin. I was interested to learn Arabic language because Arabic is also the language of our Al-Quran that have so many advantages by learning it. My lecturer for this subject is En. Rozman Abdullah. He is very simple lecturer but he is a funny guy. But, on 6th August, our lecturer for this subject was been changed. Now, my new lecturer is Miss Nur Aini Ariffin which is a kind lecturer.

For the curriculum activities, I choose "sepak takraw" (HSL115) rather than others. This is one of my favourite sports so that I hope I will not have problem for this curriculum subject. I am not sure the full name of my coach, but we always call him "Panjang", because he is a tall person.

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