Monday, August 17, 2009

My Beloved Classmates

Hello friends!
Actually this is my 5th entry in this blog. In this entry, I would like share to you about my beloved classmates. Lets we start with the boys first. There are only six boys in my class. They are:

1. Jabbar:
His full name is Abdul Jabbar bin Kamaluddin. His nickname in Sempana Riau is "Kain". He comes from Tangkak, Johor. Actually, he is very interested in farming. He is my classmate since part one until now. He always been my group assignment, and we always comes to class together. We stay in one "wing" in part one, but from part two and part three, he was moved to other "wing". He is a good friend, and I will not regret to known him.

2. Kochak:
His full name is Mohd Zulfadzli bin Sabli, but we called him Kochak. He comes from Ampang, Selangor. In UiTM, he stayed at Taming sari college. He likes to play futsal. He is classmate in part one, but not in part two. In part three, we got the same class. I am not sure that he is a talkative or quiet person. It is because sometimes he is a talkative, and he can be a quiet person in certain in time.

3. Haris:
His full name is Syed Mohamad Hariz bin Syed Abdul Rahim. his nickname in Sempana Riau is "Persie", it is inspired by robin van Persie, which the football player of Arsenal team. He also comes from Ampang, like Kochak. He like to play football and futsal. Haris is my classmate since we part one until now. He is a talkative person. I am happy being his friend.

4. Sabirin:
His full name is Muhammad Sabirin bin Ahmad. His nickname in Sempana Riau is "Mela". He comes from Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, not far from my places. He is a clever boy, he got Dean List (DL) since part one and part two. He is very sporting person to me. Sometimes I will refer to if I got problem with my education. He is a good friend to me. Nice to known you Sabirin!

5. It is me.

6. Akmal:
His full name is Muhammad Akmal Hakim bin Akram, I called him "Akmal". He comes from Johor Bharu. He also a clever boy like Sabirin. He got Dean List (DL) in part one and part two. He is a dedicative person and that why he is choosen by us to be a class representative. He also active in "Kelab Irama". Nice to be Akmal friend.

Next, I will talk about D3D1 girls.Actually, I am not too closed with girl in my class. I only known them when I read their blogs. So, this is what I got from them. Lets start with the first.

1. Izzati:
Her full name is Nurul Izzaty binti Zainal Abidin. She was born on 22th July 1990. She comes from Kajang, Selangor. For me, she is quiet person. It is because I seldom seem her talk to anyone. It maybe only my opinion, I do not know what about other's opinion. But, she seem like kind person to be friend.

2. Seri:
Her full name is Norhaslinasari binti Mohd Nor. She was born on 14th August 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. I guest she was closed with Izzaty, Sakinah, and Liyana. Maybe she was the leader for their friend because she was talkative person. She always comes to class with her bestfriends.

3. Sakinah:
Her full name is Nur Sakinah binti Nordin. She was born on 25th November 1990. She comes from Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. For me, she is a quiet person. I do not know much about her because I never talk with her.

4. Liyana:
Her full name is Liyana Atiqah binti Zulkiflee. She was born on 9th November 1990. She was very kind for me. She always inform to me if there are any assignment given when I was absent. Nice to known her.

5. Ayu:
Her full name is Norhidayu binti Ramli. She was born on 30th June 1990 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bharu. She always give smile to all person. She can be a good friend for me.

6. Izati:
Her full name is Nor Izati binti Mohammed Zailani. She was born on 3rd July 1990 at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. From my opinion, she is a quiet person. This is first time I got same class with her, so I do not know too much about her.

7. Fatimah:
Her full name is Fatimah binti Roseli. She was born on 10 March 1990 at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru. She is my classmate since part one until now. She was our Academic Exco of Banking Society (DIBA) since last semester.

8. Farawahida:
Her full name is Fara Wahida binti Camallil. She was born on 25th May 1990. She comes from Johor Bharu. She is our assistant class representative for BEL311. She looks like talkative person. She is my classmate since part one until now.

9. Amirah:
Her full name is Siti Amirah binti Saharudin. She was born on 12th July 1990 at Hospital Besar Seremban. She is the new student in Segamat here because she had just transferred from campus Sungai Petani, Kedah. She seem closed with Fara because she always sit beside Fara.

10. Atiqa:
Her full name is Nuratiqah binti Suhaimi. She was born on 18 October 1990 at Klang, Selangor. Like Amirah, Atiqah also a new student here. She was transferred from UiTM Samarahan. She is a quiet person. I seldom talk to her. She looks closed with Fatimah because she always doing together with Fatimah.

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i just nociced that, ur lecturer are giving writing assignments via blog writings! very creative of him... well, i just love the effort u guys making! keep it up.. hope to read some interesting materials here in ur blog!