Saturday, July 25, 2009

Being a Part Three Senior

Now I'm in part three, so I'm been a senior in college Sempana Riau. There are many part three students in college with differences courses. but, there are not too many students part four until above. Only students who are active in UiTM will be effort to get college for students part four and above. Actually, Sempana Riau have their own rules likes students part one always smile to their senior. Other than that, all students in part one must knows their senior perfectly.

In my wing, part three is the most senior among students. It is because all seniors in part four and above have been transfered to other wings. I can feel the differences when I'm being a senior part three. I don't need to smile part one like i did while I was in part one. But , part one will smile to when we met, that means they respect their senior as the students in Sempana Riau. Moreover, there are orientation session between students part one with their seniors. It is because to make sure we will known each other.

All of these happens because our own seniors have created the rules in Sempana Riau. These traditions will flows to the other generation in Sempana Riau. In addition, part one's student will be given a nickname by their seniors. All of these to ensure there are no similar name each others. These tradition in giving a nickname can only be done seniors in part 5 and above, that means our respect to them. But, for part 3, we also have a power to control and teach the new student about how to live with a united environment.

In my opinion, the rules made in Sempana Riau, gives us so many advantages. For example, all new students, will know how to respect their senior. Other than that, we are united and we live together well. I think, this is a good environment when we live in college. This phenomena, will make students live in harmony, peaceful, respect, and always help each other.

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