Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Facts About Me!

1. Serious or funny?
Am I a serious or funny person? I also do not have the answer. Only you can judge it. Actually I am a funny person. But sometimes, I can be serious. That depends on the situation. I love to laugh, I love to make jokes, and I will be happy when people laugh for my jokes.

2. Love my parents.
I was so proud to be a son of Ibrahim Che Majid and Kasmawati Joned. I am really appreciate what they give and teach me since I was born until now, I am 19 years old. Actually I am a naughty boy. Whatever I have done even good or bad, they still be patient with me. Love them very much!

3. Hot tempered?
Yes! I am easy to get angry when I did not satisfied with something. But, I still can control it. I would not show my anger without any reasons. Now, I try to control my anger because I know that was not good to me.

4. Love sport.
I like to play any kind of sports. But my favourite sport is football. I was the player of Gombak football team for year 2005 and 2007. My position is goalkeeper. I have my own favourite football team, that is Manchester United. For me, Manchester United is the best club in the world. They have the player with a very high calibre.

5. Love my aunt's cooking.
I really love my aunt's cooking. I called her "Mak Ndak". She is my mom's sister. She is retired officer. She always come to my home. I always ask her to cooks for me. My favourite food is "Nasi Kerabu". But, my mom's cooking s not bad and I love it too.

6. I like to hang out!
I cannot spend my time fully in my house. I do not know why. I always spend my time to hang out with my friends. My parents always scold me but that has been my hobbies. I am easy to feel bored when I am at home. But, I did not do anything bad outside there.

7. Love to known something new.
I always want to know about something new. I do not want to be obsolete person. I am ready to learn something new. For example, I always want to know about the latest games at market. Then, I will buy and play it.

8. Study at UiTM because of my dad.
That was right! Actually,I did not filled any form to entered UiTM for this course. Firstly, I got the offer from Polytechnic for Mechanical Automotive course. I really love it. But, my dad did not not agree because it is not a diploma but only certificates. He asked her friends to entered me to UiTM. Thanks dad! =)

9. Love my cute nephew.
I really love my cute nephews. They are my cousin's son. Their name is Ammar and Aiman, but I always called them Upin and Ipin. It is because they always watch Upin and Ipin movies. My mom educate them since they was born until now. It is because their parent work at Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, not far from my house.

10. Always sleep!
Sleeping is my hobby too. I cannot feel bored. When I am bored, I am easy to feel sleepy. I always sleep in my class when I feel bored. Is that right friends? =p

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