Monday, October 26, 2009

Prepare For Final Exam !

Hello guys there! As we know, we already had finished our syllabus for subject this semester. Now, is time to prepare for our final exam. Let we share about my preparation to had the final exam.

Let start about BEL311 first. This subject will be my first paper in final exam, which is on 30th October. After finished up my syllabus for this subject, I had learn about how to make the term paper. This term paper will be use in final exam. Maybe the title had been change, but the format is still same. I am being ready to make this essay when final exam. I try score 'A' for this subject. I know if I want to make it become reality, I must do the best for this final exam.

Next, my second paper is FIN262. This paper will be on 2nd November. This subject is the most killer for me in this semester because it comes for four credit hour. I know that I am not doing well while Test 1 and Test 2, so that I must study hard to score for this subject. I will try to get 'A' for this subject.

After that, my third paper will be on 6th November, which is CTU241. I always not worried for this subject before this, because I can answer it with my own opinion. But in this semester, it will be some problem to me. In this semester, this subject is more discussed about Islamic Economics. It is the truly fact of Islamic economics. So that, I must read more for this subject and cannot give the answer with my own opinion. I hope I will get 'A' for this subject like my past semester.

Then, on 11th November I had a QMT216 paper. At first I am learning this subject, I think that it is so easy. But, after finished our syllabus I get hard with this subject. This subject must been answered with very careful. It is a lot of formula in this subject and I must use the suitable formula to answer it. I hope I will score 'A' for this subject.

My last paper will be on 14th November, which is ECO211. This subject is very tough to me to understand. I do not know why. I failed for Test 1 and Test 2, but maybe that was my own mistakes. I hope I will do the best for this final for this subject.

That all my hope for each subject this semester. I was started my study now to ensure I can catch up for each subject. I will not study for last minutes because it is to late for me.

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